Why your air conditioner stops working in the middle of summer (or winter)

Many home owners haven’t been told or do not understand about the need to service their air conditioning system yearly.  Regular cleaning of the return air filter is one of the most forgotten issues that cause air conditioning systems to struggle during peak times. 

As with any mechanical item like your motor car, servicing your air conditioner every 12 months will help to ensure you are getting the most from your system and it may help to find any issues that could go on to become serious and costly to repair.

Poorly serviced air conditioning systems have a habit of breaking down at the worst time possible, like the middle of summer (or winter). Getting hold of a service technician during this peak time can take weeks and cost you a small fortune.

So what is the Solution?

Ensure your system receives a yearly service by a qualified technician. This can be hard to remember to do, a service contract with a reputable company can ensure you don’t miss services and then struggle to find a service technician available during peak times of summer or winter.  

Ok so who can help me?

OHS offers the first 12 month service free with every 5 year fixed price service contract. Customers that have our 5 year fixed price service contract are always a priority should any problems occur. We will also replace your DNA return air filter to ensure your home has fresh clean air all year round and your air conditioner works at its optimum performance

Why are you still too hot this summer?

Many air conditioning systems have been designed and installed by inexperienced people causing problems with the efficiency of the system. This can cause a reduction in air flow and air velocity which will impact on the performance of the system and cause an increase in running costs, energy use and reduce your comfort level.

Your ducted air conditioning system may have been sized incorrectly due to poor design or to reduce the installation costs. Unless the design of the system is perfectly matched to the calculated heat load, you will end up with a poorly performing system that will allow only parts of the house to be properly conditioned during peak loads or perhaps none at all, depending on the way the system has been designed and installed.

So what is the Solution?

When having your system updated ensure that you use only qualified, experienced companies that understand design principals and ensure their staff is trained in all aspects of domestic air conditioning.

Retrofitting (Replacing) part of or the entire flexible duct, zoning and fittings with high quality products and design will help to increase the overall system capacity of your air conditioner due to the lack of wastage (problem 1) . You may need to increase the amount of zones so you can close down areas of the house and increase your flexibility during peak loads.  If the system is still too small for the job you may need to replace your system with a correctly sized air conditioning unit.

Ok so who can help me?

OHS can provide a before and after test report on the health of your new or improved air conditioning system. We will discuss the results of the report in detail with you and explain what was done to improve the performance and reduce the running costs of your homes air conditioning system.

OHS will provide you with heat load calculations for each area of your home and discuss it in detail with you to ensure you understand what areas you can condition at a time.

OHS is here to provide the optimum solution that will fit your budget and your needs, anywhere from repairing your current system to full replacement with the best brands available.

The No: 1 reason your air conditioner is costing too much to run

Your ducted air conditioning system has probably developed air leakage over time; sadly many have had air leakage from the moment they have been installed. When your air conditioning system leaks air it dramatically reduces the performance and increases the running costs.

Your air conditioning system also needs to be properly insulated, so that the heating or cooling isn’t lost.  This includes the flexible ducting, zoning, fittings and even the copper piping connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Insulation problems can be either a lack of insulation being used or the poor quality of the insulation itself.

The impacts of air leakage and poor insulation includes an increase in running costs and energy use (up to 45% extra energy) and the system being unable to maintain comfortable conditions even if the unit has adequate capacity.

So what is the Solution?

Retrofitting (Replacing) part of or all of the flexible duct, zoning and fittings that are causing the air and thermal leakage.  You must ensure you are replacing your old ducting with high quality products that have been tested and proven to reduce your running costs.

Ok so who can help me?

 OHS offers you a free home audit by our qualified service technicians that will provide you with a report on the health of your air conditioning system. We will discuss the report in detail with you and offer you the optimum solution that fits into your budget. 

Contact us at OHS for your free home air conditioning audit.