Frequently asked questions

How can I tell if a home air conditioning appraisal makes sense for me?

An OHS staff member will ask you some key questions to determine if your home is a good candidate for a retrofit.

What is a home air conditioning audit?

OHS home air conditioning audits are conducted by our own qualified serviced technicians. With ducted reverse cycle and gas systems our audit reports are generated using the ESRS software developed with the Uni of SA that identifies the possible energy savings, greenhouse gas emission savings and system capacity increase when compared to an Energy Smart system.

What if I have an Evaporative or wall spilt air conditioner?

OHS qualified service technicians can still check your system and provide you with an audit report on improvements that may need to be made.

How can I be confident that the improvements have been made?                     

With ducted reverse cycle and gas systems our auditor will do a before and after test on your system to prove to you the promised savings have been achieved.

How much money will I save?

It really depends on your current air conditioning system, your house and what efficiency measures you get done. See our blogs in the news section to get more of an idea on what a OHS audit will do for you.